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It’s time to give back to yourself. I’ve been watching you, and you have been way too caught up in your life to really give back to someone important: you. Start here:

Be good to yourself! When’s the last time you’ve been good to yourself?

There are some things that I do that help me unwind and relax:

1. Shopping. I love shopping! It’s important to buy good food for yourself.

2. Foam Rolling / Massage. Try some foam rolling to open the muscle fascias. When’s the last time you had a massage?

3. Reading. Reading increases your knowledge, life, and even bank account! Affluent people love to read and keep the habit of reading. Let’s go from Average to Awesome.

4. Yoga. Yoga lowers your cortisol levels and lowers your stress!

5. Catch some sun! Get some Vitamin D soaking in the sun 15-25 minutes a day 🙂

6. Fueling your body with living juice! Today we are going to show you how to make a non-alcoholic mojito juice. Don’t forget to share your juice with friends!

Ingredients: 1 Lime, 2 Cucumbers, 4 stalks celery, handful of Mint, and pitcher with water.

The winner of the juicer from last week’s Saturday Strategy Alan Bramblett! Congratulations, Alan!

Remember, we’re in this together!

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