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Besides food items that are added to affect taste, Lactose (Milk Stout’s use this), Honey (Honey Ales), etc.

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Breweries can filter their beer using the following non-vegan “agents:
1. diatomaceous earth.
2. isinglass (float bladder from a sturgeon fish)
3. gelatin

Beer is filtered through the diatomaceous earth. In the case of the isinglass and gelatin, they are used as clarifying agents that sit at the bottom of the cask/barrel and “attract” any floating particles in the beer to clarify it.

Also, we’ve got lots more footage of Stephen’s excellent advice, if you’d like to see more, let us know. He also taught me that if you think you would like the creamy taste of a milk stout you can get the creaminess trying an outmeal stout as well.

Special Thanks:
Stephen Rich. Brewer, Cicerone, Prud’homme

3030 Dundas West
Jeff Kelly

Steamwhistle Brewing

Mill Street Brewery

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